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Montane Kielder 100

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

All photos thanks to Joolze Dymond
One Lap, One Rider, One Adventure, 100 Miles!!!
Friday 14th September saw me heading off very early in the morning to the Scottish boarders for the Montane Kielder 100, full of excitment and a bundle full of nerves. With a long drive ahead I took off early in the morning to try and miss alot of the traffic which I manged to do and arrived at my destination of Kielder forrest at 1.30pm in the afternoon.

On arrival to the campsite I found the grounds to be sodden underfoot but managed to find a fairly dry spot to set up the tent and then get the bike out for a quick leg warmer ride and a few short sprints to take the kinks out of the legs. I hit some of the single track up near the castle and did a fast hour spin whcih seemed to open the lungs up nicely. Breifing was at 9pm so had a few hours to get my head down for a wee rest and also get registered and get all my gear together for the morning as was an early start had to on the start line for 5.45am.

Alarm goes off at 5am oh joy this is when you start to question what the hell you were thinking entering this race but once up and fed I was ready to race and on the start line for 5.50am and was in about the middle of the field so not a bad position to be in. Amazingly there were no midges at all due to the wind that goodness. The race started at 6.30am and we had a lead out vehicle for about 2-3 miles so made good use of this to get up to the lead bunch and then we were off it was a fairly brisk start and I thought I would push a bit in the first 20-30 miles to try and get a good start and see if I could put myself in the lead position for the woman. The start of the course was on open gravel fire roads which was good as it strung the field out a bit before we headed into some nice single track that had some short sharp ups and easy fast flowing downs, there were a few hold ups but in general most people were happy to move over where they could let you pass. I saw the 18 mile mark as we headed into a old slightly over grown rutted fire road and it was a long steady climb with a bit of slippery mud thrown in for good measure and this was were I felt really strong and passed alot of people including the leading lady so from their I just put my head down and also my foot down for the next 20 miles to try and put a wee gap between us. I got to the 50 mile mark and was still feeling good and fresh and had a good steady pace going and the people about me were awesome so had a few good conversations and at times I was playing leap frog with a few guys which is always fun. Just after the halfway mark we rode over a long boardwalk and by the end of it my eyes were starting to go funny but then it was a cool rocky section before we crossed the boarder into Scotland were we had a dude playing the bag pipes welcoming us to Scotland it was very awesome and sent chills down my spine. From here it was not far to the next food stop and by this time I was ready for some solid food and I was concerned I may not have enough food to get me thorugh the rest of the race so thank heavens they had some rolls there it must have looked very funny as I grabbed a roll and a cup of coffee and shoved the whole roll in my mouth ( just like scooby doo) with the coffee and headed off as fast as I could as at this stage didnt know how close the other ladies were so didnt want to hang around too much. This next section for me was the hardest as I had made the mistake of not eating sooner so energy levels were a bit low but put my head down and just peddled and sang to my ipod I had playing this was my saving grace plus a couple of guys who let me hang on their wheel when I was in no mans land on a forrest road with a head wind so a big THANKS to those guys. I got to the next pit stop and the tech support guys oiled my chain up for me while I put a bit more water into my bottle with the knowledge that I only had 22 miles to go and that felt damn good as I knew now that I was going to finish so off I head and started to feel stronger which suprised me again had a few guys around me for a chat for the last 20 miles and then I saw the sign I was hanging out to see LAST 5 MILES whoop whoop! pity ther was a bit of hill climbing to do in this as by this stage I just wanted to finish and the marshals at the top of climb said you have 3.5 miles of downhill to go YAY but as always I am not sure what they class as downhill but to me it seemed I was still going up for at least another mile then it was a lovely single track to the finish but by this stage my arms were knacked and I just had to hold on and hope I didnt fall off as could barely use the brakes but managed to hold it together and finished first woman in a time of 10.08.08 and 49th overall so very happy with that result and on top of it all found out I also set a new record time for Vet Female.

The weather was awesome and was a very well run event and would encourage you all to try this it has stunning scenery and the race has an awesome atmosphere and is one hell of an adventure and if your not up for the 100 mile they do a 50 mile course that is equally fun.
So now I have a few easy weeks before my next race an 8 hour solo so happy riding and see you out on the trails.

Interbike Day 1 Report

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Day 1 of the show and losts happening this year with 29er bikes being one of the main attractions. Banshee’s Prime looks to be one to watch and takes a slightly more aggressive approach to things compared to some. Details to be fully updated on the Freeborn website soon.

Ellsworths always look good and among their show bikes were a couple of new offerings including a limited edition Ellsworth Specialist Randy Spangler Edition! The Specialist is a rare frame to find these days after it was discontinued so a cromo re-birth is most welcome – again details will follow asap.


Also among Ellsworths Fleet was the long awaited 180mm travel Method freeride bike. Ellsworth took the Rogue and completely re-designed for front end to accomodate modern geometry suited to real freeriders. Going on the performance of the original Rogue this is definately one to watch, we can't wait to see one in the flesh (and hopefully ride one!)

Better pics sent of the Wilson showing the carbon rear end. Not sure if they are going to come painted like this or raw – to be confirmed!

Also on show was Stevie Smiths race bike – very nice !

The atlas rides incredible. It has the same wheel base as a 26″ by tucking the wheel in close and bending the seat tube, feels incredible, can’t wait to get the Atlas and Wooky 29er added to our growing demo fleet !

John and friends in Morzine

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Jesus John (Ellsworth Moment), Mike (Mythic Chaparral) and KrazyJey (Devinci Hectik) spent 4 awesome days riding in the Morzine area of France during July – here is the 1st video from lots of footage John captured on his HD helmet cam

Jesus John – Spring break video Pt.2

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

John “Jesus” Holme has just released Pt.2 of his “Spring Break” video showing footage from all over the S-East of the UK with John and friends on Ellsworth and Mythic bikes!

Jerome “CrazyJey” Abed at the Mega-Avalanche 2011

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Jerome is a Freeborn friend that has been “missing in action” for some time :(

After taking delivery of a lovely Devinci Hectik Ltd frameset and shooting a number of excellent vidoes for the “Freeborn TV” project, Jerome ran into some serious difficulties and had to head quickly home to his native France!

The good news is that Jerome has come through smiling, still riding his bike hard, and starting life again in the legendary Morzine area as a local resident

Here’s a great video from Jerome showing his qualifying run at the 2011 Mega-Avalanche race aboard his trusty Devinci Hectik all-mountain bike
If you ever wondered how much punishment the Devinci’s can take, Jerome shows just what the Hectik is capable of, and he is known as a very aggressive rider (ex-motocross champion) and also quite ‘shy’ on maintenance, the Hectik has been withstanding the punishment well into its second season without any complaints!

Great to hear from Jerome again, and he is due to meet up with Freeborn friends John and Mike when they take their annual riding trip to Morzine this week on their Ellsworth and Mythic bikes…more photos and videos to come shortly!

Ellsworth’s Jack Reading at Wharncliffe

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Ellsworth|O’Neal|SIS’ Jack Reading rides some moist loam in Wharncliffe accompanied by the warbling wonder that is La Roux.

video: George Millner

Check the link for a great video of Jack ripping it up on his Ellsworth Dare DH bike!

Jesus rides…Pitch Hill

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

not the son of god…bearing in mind its Easter;)

but “Jesus John” Holme (facial hair = jesus resemblance) ripping it up hard, as usual, on his Ellsworth Moment all-mountain bike

John and his buddy Mike (Mythic Spitfire) have been riding every spare moment all over the UK’s South-East trails, and these picture are from a recent trip to Pitch Hill, near Dorking in Surrey

BDS Round 2 Race Results

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Last weekend (9/10th April) was round 2 of the British Downhill Series at Moelfre in North Wales which saw over 350 riders from around the UK compete, including some of the fastest riders in the world taking part in the Elite category.

Team Devinci / Haven Distribution riders covered most categories with Dave Duggan taking an impressive 13th place in the Expert category on his 2011 Devinci Wilson race bike.

Devinci / Haven rider Brad Sheehan represented in the senior category and bagged 7th place on his Wilson.

Meanwhile in the masters category Devinci / Haven rider Craig Taylor finished up in 10th place and in the junior category Josh Ash ended up in 29th. In the youth category Morgan Gulland ended in 17th place.

Ellsworth and Mythic riders also faired well with Adam Brayton ending up in 8th place in the highly competative Elite category and Ellsworth rider Jack Reading finished in 10th place on his Ellsworth Dare.

Last but not least, Ellsworth / Haven rider Christian Harrison finished in an impressive 16th place on his Ellsworth Dare race bike in the junior category.

Overall a great weekend with great results across the board. Devinci, Ellsworth and Banshee/Mythic UK riders will be racing in various events throughout the season

Riding on the ‘ Heath

Friday, April 15th, 2011

NW London’s worst kept secret is “the heath”…

Yesterday, ex-esher trail crew member Jesus John and ex-esher shop manager Rob C went riding on “the heath”

3.5 hours of brutually steep climbs, hammering along singletrack and some fast steep descents make for a fun riding time!

John was riding his Ellsworth Moment Mk2 all-mountain bike

Rob C was riding his Devinci Dixon Split-Pivot all-mountain bike

We encountered many strange sights during our ride, including a russian millionaire shouting at his workmen to ‘work faster’ on his house extension, I saw the well known enviromentalist “Bill Oddie” out walking, and a number of well known celebrity-type people including tv presenters, models and yummy mummies during our travels up, along and down the heath

Makes a nice change to the usual grey skies and dog poop that seem to dampen the spirits on typical UK riding sessions!

Ellsworth’s new FR180 on

Friday, April 15th, 2011

great to see Ellsworth running a competition on to name and own their brand new “FR180″ freeride prototype frame – so new its not even properly named (Ellsworth’s always have a cool model name like “Truth” or “Dare”)

Its a brand new model with a slack head angle (which comes with a Cane Creek Angleset as standard), 30.9mm seat tube allowing the use of a Gravity Dropper style seat post, single or dual rings up front depending on your needs, and the production frame will be using the Syntace 142mm x 12mm axle

As is common to the Pinkbike forum, there are plenty of “lovers” and “haters” who all have their say about the new Ellsworth model (which for the record, none of them have actually ridden!)

more news coming soon, for now check out Brian from Ellsworth in this video on