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Borderline Events – Moelfre

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
Racing at Moelfre is always a risky business. With weather that can go from bright sunshine to gale force winds in minutes, on arguably the fastest and most exposed course in the country, it can very quickly lead to a trip in the air ambulance. Luckily our fate was beautiful sunshine from start to finish.
Having raced Moelfre many times, Craig decided that Sunday morning practice was all that was needed. Having squeezed in five practice runs it was now time for his first race run. Craig was the penultimate man down the hill and with a clean run he went straight into the hot seat. Although this was not for long. The last man down the hill managed to squeez another two tenths out of Craig’s time. This was not on. Tyre pressures were upped and some aerodynamic tweaks were made, including a cut number board and a polished helmet. With a quick snack and rest, both rider and bike were ready. Due to the gorgeous weather, by the time second runs came around the course was getting very blown out. The first, and luckily, only air ambulance of the day popped over to collect an unlucky rider. After the red flags were put down, Craig was up. With a fast clean run, Craig had done more than enough to take the top spot. Well done Craig! A great win and a great start to what should be a fantastic season.


Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
The season is finally here and what a way to start it off with the first round of the European cup in sunny Spain.
The weekend was amazing in every way, with hot sunny weather and just about the best track I have ever ridden; it was so rocky and fast, a really physical track which suited me down to the ground coming from riding motocross for the last 5 years.

Myself and a couple of friends flew out from Gatwick airport on the Friday and landed at Valencia airport in the early evening, where we were collected and were taken to our hotel for the weekend.

Saturday morning I am up early for a good days practice. By the time I have signed on and got my number board on the bike, I’ve missed my chance to walk the track, so just go for inspecting lines on the way down and take a nice slow first run down. After a couple of runs I really start to get into my groove and begin to get up to speed when I manage to catch my pedal on a rock, sending me over the bars and off the side of a small cliff landing, luckily for me, into some very thorny shrubs which break my fall nicely (you can see this crash on the go pro edit) . Apart from this crash the day goes well and I’m feeling confident for the next days racing.

Sunday morning begins early to try and get a couple more practice runs in before our seeding and race runs. I manage to only get one practice run in, but feel happy on track and feel good on my Devinci Wilson. I decide to take a nice smooth run down in seeding and not do my normal hang it out and crash run, but some how still crash hard in the worst rock section on the track. I lose a lot of time but still manage to qualify for the afternoon’s race runs. Once the adrenaline dies away I realise I have hurt my leg quite badly and nearly don’t go up for my race run as I can barely stand up and pedal the bike. I go for it still, but have to slow down due to the discomfort from my leg through the big rocky sections and can’t put in the big sprint towards the end of the track, so lose a lot of time. I end up coming 47th out of 122 elites which I was not really happy with, but considering how much pain I was in during my run I was happy to just get down the hill without crashing.

Roll on the next event as now I feel really motivated again and back in race mode after the off-season. I’d like to say a big thank you to Paul and everyone at Haven Distribution for giving me the best bike available which ran perfectly all weekend.


Interbike Day 1 Report

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Day 1 of the show and losts happening this year with 29er bikes being one of the main attractions. Banshee’s Prime looks to be one to watch and takes a slightly more aggressive approach to things compared to some. Details to be fully updated on the Freeborn website soon.

Ellsworths always look good and among their show bikes were a couple of new offerings including a limited edition Ellsworth Specialist Randy Spangler Edition! The Specialist is a rare frame to find these days after it was discontinued so a cromo re-birth is most welcome – again details will follow asap.


Also among Ellsworths Fleet was the long awaited 180mm travel Method freeride bike. Ellsworth took the Rogue and completely re-designed for front end to accomodate modern geometry suited to real freeriders. Going on the performance of the original Rogue this is definately one to watch, we can't wait to see one in the flesh (and hopefully ride one!)

Better pics sent of the Wilson showing the carbon rear end. Not sure if they are going to come painted like this or raw – to be confirmed!

Also on show was Stevie Smiths race bike – very nice !

The atlas rides incredible. It has the same wheel base as a 26″ by tucking the wheel in close and bending the seat tube, feels incredible, can’t wait to get the Atlas and Wooky 29er added to our growing demo fleet !

Interbike 2011 Report

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

It’s already that time of year where the bike industry turns its head towards the lights of Las Vegas and Interbike. Here’s a brief report from the first couple of days at the Dirt Demo, the outside part of the show where industry people can try new bikes and see what’s coming up for the following season.

First day at dirt demo. First look at the new Devinci Wooky carbon hardtail 29er and Atlas 29er full-suss.

The wooky carbon has to be the best 29er hardtail I have ever ridden. Super light, super stiff and the Atlas just takes the already awesome 26″ Dexter to its next level. All the test riders that have ridden it said its one of the best 29ers they have ever ridden.

Next, a look at the new and improved wilson and it looks awsome with a new powder coat finish for durabiity and a longer top tube. Carbon rear stays 300% stiffer to increase lateral stiffness when the bike is landed. How this bike can be made any stiffer is unreal, it’s already probably the stiffest DH rig in existence!

We also rode the new leo sl road bikes – simply stunning and coming to the UK for 2012 !

We had torrential rain for the second day at dirt demo. Lots of people crashing in the slippery conditions. The Devinci maple syrup lollies which were made at the booth were delicious and went down well with the dirt demo crowd.

More to follow !

Devinci Wilson featured in SRAM’s X0 press camp

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Our friends at magazine were guests of SRAM at their recent press camp to launch the new XO groupset, which features DH specific rear derailleur and crankset / chain guide

“What does a featherweight 29er, a burly six incher and a full bore downhill bike have in common? What do all day backcountry epics, climbs that are counted in hours not minutes, downhills that are technically demanding but are interspersed with challenging up and overs, and weekend podium places on three minute downhill charges have in common? As mountain biking becomes ever more infinitely divided and recategorized into ever increasing sub-genres there are very few threads that comfortably and effortlessly weave between them all. There are few riders who are comfortable in any and all camps, there are very few media outlets that juggle all the tastes and fancies, and there is almost no bike that can be enjoyed equally in all these domains. However, the SRAM XO groupset is the most versatile and perhaps genre defying element in mountain biking.”

“On day two we were released into the Bike Park with brand new Devinci Wilson downhill sleds.”

More info and the full article found here:

2011 Devinci Factory Tour

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Check out this awesome video feature from our friends at Pinkbike showing an insiders view of the Devinci factory in Quebec, Canada

For more than 20 years, Devinci has designed and built bikes that exceed the highest industry standards. This commitment to craftsmanship is a byproduct of rigorous training and Devinci’s dedicated staff of bike pros, skilled engineers, and visionary designers. The Devinci team has logged countless hours of researching, testing, integrating, analyzing, inventing, designing, producing, welding, double-checking, machining, calculating, assembling, painting, riding, discussing, anticipating, influencing, partying, growing, helping, recycling, laughing, smiling and, most important, believing. We are all this and more. This is what the Devinci brand is all about.

Some great comments from Pinkbike viewers of the article:

“Makes me want to buy a new bike from Devinci.”

“Not to mention they stand behind their product 100%. Hooked me up for a warranty frame no problem, and seemed very eager to help out another rider.”

“i’m so glad to live nearby, i’ve been there and they are just a bunch of nice people wich love to ride. Support your local/dedicated brand!!”

“Very impressed that Devinci do everything in house. I know of only one other bike manufacturer that does this and that’s Nicolai. Any others?”

“This video shows some of the reasons my last two bikes have been devinci’s. Keep up the awesome work guys!”

“Devinci is one legit company!”

“This is why I love my 2011 Wilson so much.”

“seeing this video makes me want to own a devinci.”

More info, and the video itself, found here:

Phil S review on his Devinci Dixon SP

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Freeborn Friend Phil S has recently written this comprehensive and flattering review on his experiences with his Devinci Dixon Split-Pivot mountain bike

If I had to describe the Dixon in one word, that word would be “balanced”. It’s not so heavy that it feels like anything more than a 5″ trail bike, yet it feels burly and slack enough to ride in the Alps without having to worry about breaking your bike. The tapered head tube and bolt-thru rear end make everything feel really sitff and responsive, and pedalling the bike (even standing up) is truly mond-boggling. The Dixon just shoots forward with little or no discernable pedal bob – it’s one of the best pedalling full suspension bikes I’ve ever ridden. There is no evidence of brake jack when riding the rough stuff either. Whatever Dave Weagle is having for breakfast, it’s working. The best way I can describe the suspension feel of the Dixon is ‘taut’.

More here:

PHIL S in LAXX, Switzerland

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Freeborn friend Phil Steinhardt has just returned from a 2 week break to Laxx, Switzerland, where he rode the hell out of his Devinci Wilson SP and Devinci Dixon SP bikes

“Riding the Never End trail in Laax, Switzerland on my Devinci Wilson SP. Starting at 2,216 metres above sea level, the trail descends more than 1100 metres over a total of 7.4 kilometres”

Phil is a professional photographer and very keen mountain biker, and has put together this great video for your enjoyment!

Check it out here:

Devinci news on RideMonkey

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Devinci had an interesting booth this year at Crankworx. Whether they were serving fine French Canadian food, showing us Canada’s fastest racer’s rig, or flaunting their new prototype 29″ Split Pivot bike, we were glued to Devinci.

Stevie Smith’s Canadian Open winning bike was on display, and Simon Gauthier of Devinci was kind enough to show us some of the custom modifications that Stevie is running. It turns out that World Cup level racing sometimes requires fine tuning, who knew?!

More info here:

John and friends in Morzine

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Jesus John (Ellsworth Moment), Mike (Mythic Chaparral) and KrazyJey (Devinci Hectik) spent 4 awesome days riding in the Morzine area of France during July – here is the 1st video from lots of footage John captured on his HD helmet cam