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X-Fusion HiLo Dropper Seatpost Review

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Following my most amazing Tour de Mont Blanc trip in the summer on my Truth, with a seatpost that wouldn’t drop more than 2 inches and balls bashed to bits, I decided that the time had arrived to look properly at seat dropper posts. I do so much varied riding on that beloved bike – from racing to trail riding at Pitch to mountain riding in Wales and now the Alps, that I’ve been convinced by others that I NEEDED one.
Due to the 27.2 diameter that Ellsworth have stuck with for so long my options were a bit limited, but Father Christmas was feeling generous and sourced me a lovely new X-Fusion Hi-Lo post for Christmas, complete with remote lever.

I’ve ridden the bike a few times since with it and although it took a while to remember to use it, it was about time I did a techy ride and reviewed it properly.

So, with some precious time off work, I headed out onto my favourite local route over Reigate Hill and across the North Downs.

After the first couple of rides I found the post wouldn’t reliably return to its fully extended position, but a quick top up of air pressure soon sorted this. I headed up the hill and got stuck into the first singletrack section, which I dropped the post just a smidge for. I found this option really useful for these trails – not fully down, but just enough to not get hooked up.

Once I’d played about a bit with the lever position it was really easy to use – although being of small brain I did get some ‘finger confusion’ whilst trying to brake, change gear and raise the post all at the same time, leading to an emergency dismount!

It was a beautiful day for a ride, trails mostly dry and air mild, with the sun shining brightly, all things were well and good in my world. The post has won me over totally as ‘a good thing’ and definitely one of those items I’ll wonder how I managed without!
Big Daddy

Shop Rides

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Here’s a couple of videos from the FreebornTV helmet cam to give you taste of our Sunday morning rides. Give the shop a call if you’re interested in joining us and we can give you more specific directions.